Account App


Transaction Tool Bar on Account Search Page

This app adds 'Activities,' 'Leads,' 'Opportunities,' 'Quotations,' and ‘Sales Order' buttons in the toolbar of the Account Search Page.  On button click, a popup raises showing the business transactions of the selected account from the result list and on select of a transaction from the list will navigate to the details page of the transaction.

Problems solved:

Currently, you have to conduct a search then navigate to the account details page to find the associated transactions.  You then have to scroll to the particular assignment block of the transaction in the account details page.  This is a cumbersome process.  The transaction tool bar app offers access to related transactions from the search results page itself.  The improved user experience and time saved is the ROI.

Access Contact Email IDs from the Account Email ID on Accounts Search Page

This app displays all the contact persons and their associated email IDs when a user clicks on the email ID of the account from the Account Search Page.

Problems solved:

The standard SAP CRM system displays the Account email id which, in most cases, is,, or some other generic email address.   Users rarely send an email to these generic addresses.  You want to send an email to a contact person associated with the account.  The email id app solves this problem.  The system displays the list of contact persons and their email ids for you to select the email id of the contact person that you would like to send an email to.

Transaction Tool Bar on Account Details Page

This app provides buttons for ‘Activities,’ ‘Leads’ and ‘Opportunities.’  The button displays the number of activities, leads and opportunities created for that prospect.  The transactions associated with each button will be displayed by a click of the button.

Problems solved:

This app provides you with a quick 360 degree snapshot of associated transactions for the prospect or customer. This app allows you to eliminate unnecessary scrolling to the particular assignment block to find any associated transactions.