Companies today face a seemingly insurmountable challenge of making sense of a an endless stream of ever growing data. To stay ahead of the competition and optimize performance, organizations need to be able to adjust manufacturing, supply chain and customer relationships in real-time. Despite the recent proliferation of Big Data technologies, both public and private sector organizations have still struggled to attain their goal of achieving real time data analysis.


Even the most robust enterprise applications fall short of delivering adequate solutions for most organization’s Big Data needs. Though many of today’s most widely used enterprise solutions come with proprietary Business Intelligence (BI) systems, they often fail to provide real time data analysis and to effectively manage data captured in third party systems. In many organizations, data resides in disjointed enterprise applications even after years of consolidation projects. While some of these systems are vital to the enterprise, they often remain as disparate systems.


This is where iServiceGlobe’s expertise comes in. Our years of experience implementing CRM and ERP applications for global companies gives us an unparalleled foundation for understanding how organization’s capture and organize data. iServiceGlobe recommends and provides a range of Big Data solutions for real time data analysis in the most simple and fast way. Our range of Big Data solutions include open source solutions such as Hadoop to proprietary solutions such as SAP’s HANA.


Regardless of how you capture and store your data, iServiceGlobe can help you aggregate that data and build the reports you need.



Public Sector Solutions


Public sector departments are responsible for managing massive amounts of highly sensitive data. From resident demographics, social service data, criminal records, public health information, county/state expenditures, to a host of other items, public sector departments capture a diverse range of data.


With multiple cross-functional and interrelated departments and agencies, departments often struggle to connect the dots between disparate sources of data. Now more than ever, decisions can be data driven. Our experience in the public sector helps empower your organizations to better organize, manage and make sense of the data that you capture.



Analytics solutions for the Public Sector


  • Access real time spending trends at the click of a button


  • View city/county wide heat maps displaying spending trends


  • Generate comprehensive compliance and investigative reports to get a realistic view into ongoing civic or social projects


  • Gauge public school performance through graphs showing graduation rates by school district


GovStat ensures that you have essential data at your fingertips in order to make the most informed decisions. In the public sector, with multiple cross-functional and interrelated departments and agencies, data is typically housed in multiple locations. GovStat is designed to empower you to aggregate data and generate the reports you need when you need them.