Use AWS to lower your costs of your
on premise SAP system


Host SAP systems in AWS Cloud
Cutting IT costs by migrating to the Cloud

With our Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions, we provide many cost and resource saving benefits to existing SAP customers.  Consideration of the cloud extends far beyond the decision between an on-premise or hosted system.

 As an SAP Services Partner and an AWS Technology Partner, we have developed a set of solutions to help you maximize the benefit of your SAP investment while saving money from your current costs.

Leverage one of the most robust cloud platforms on the market

AWS Test Cloud –Most SAP dev. & test systems are used sparingly after the major go live. However, most of you probably keep those systems humming 24/7 “just in case.” Our AWS Test Cloud solution provides dev. and test environments in the cloud so you have the needed compute capacity readily available when you want to test new configurations or changes before releasing them to your production environment.  

The advantage? You only pay for what you use per hour and avoid making any new hardware investments for your testing environment. Scaling up your QA environment to simulate the production system is a big deal with traditional hardware. With AWS, you can scale up your QA systems to the production system configuration during testing and scale down to a minimum after testing is completed – all within a few minutes. You only pay for storage when you switch off the instances. The icing on the cake is that by switching to AWS you not only cut costs, but you also make your company greener by cutting the energy consumption needed to keep those systems humming!

AWS SAP Backup - This solution provides you with an inexpensive and secure way to backup the data in your SAP system.  With the constant need to backup and store your data, we give you a low-cost solution to backup and restore your critical data.  You can even use this solution as your go to Disaster Recovery plan in the event your on-premise systems go down.

AWS SAP Archiving - Improve your SAP systems performance and decrease your storage costs with our AWS Glacier based SAP archiving solution. The cost of storing 1TB archived data starts from $11/month. No more tape drives to protect, ship or stress about! 

HANA on AWS - Considering HANA? Would you like to have cost effective test environment without spending millions on on-premise hardware? We work with you and AWS to provide a suitable architecture that will meet your requirements in a simple pay-as-you-go model. No upfront investment! To further your cost savings, you can switch off the instances when your testing needs scale down!

Data Warehouse on AWS - Imagine your need to analyze a sudden increase in data volume due to holiday traffic to your company website.  Most companies prepare their IT infrastructure months in advance of the holiday season since there is no way to scale up a traditional IT infrastructure in a moment’s notice.  Amazon Redshift is a Petabyte scale data warehouse service that allows business intelligence using your current business intelligence tools such a Business Objects (BOBJ) etc. Redshift is optimized for datasets of gigabytes to petabytes.  In addition, you can add storage in moment’s notice.

Custom Cloud Solutions - If you have unique needs, are interested in deploying an SAP solution in the cloud, or want to synchronize your on-Premise SAP system with another enterprise application, we have the ability to help.   

Additional benefits from our AWS solutions

  • Highly Secure - For those with specific security concerns, AWS provides HIPAA compliance and FISMA moderate certifications.
  • Dynamic Scaling - AWS, or any other cloud platform, provides Just in Time (JIT) functionality, giving you the flexibility to scale IT infrastructure up or down.
  • Get Greener - In general, cloud platforms provide more green IT by not powering and cooling idle systems 

These are just a few of the services that can help provide value to existing SAP customers.  For more information about how we can help you leverage the benefit of the AWS platform, please click below:

Host SAP systems in AWS Cloud