Common Missteps with a New CRM


By durga

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Choosing to add CRM Solutions to your business is a great choice, but it won’t single handedly solve every aspect of your business that you’ve been struggling with. If done incorrectly, it may even make things more complicated. CRM was meant to add some simplicity to running your business, but taking care to make sure the proper steps are taken before CRM can begin to aid you is crucial. CRM can take your business to new heights, so don’t let your experience be ruined by falling victim to these common missteps.


Not picking a quality CRM is a big no-no. There are many companies out there that are promising their software is indeed the best, when they aren’t even close. Cheap versions of CRM will leave you with a bad investment and a mess to clean up. Now, investing in a program such as Salesforce or SAP will definitely be the right way to go. They have a proven track record of satisfied business owners that have taken that next step towards success. They are able to accomplish new feats and adjust weaknesses they weren’t aware they had. Through a proper CRM, you can accomplish all these things. Now, I’m not saying that all the cheaper CRM programs are bad. Some of them might be exactly what your company needs, but if you’re looking for a company with a history of excellence, you know where to go.


Another mistake some make with CRM is not applying the data you’re receiving from your reports into your business. When you receive a report that is saying things aren’t working, you don’t just continue on the same track you’re currently on. You need to change course, whether it is a subtle change or a drastic one. Why might someone not implement the data they received into the direction the business should head? Well, it might be as simple as being unable to understand the report. You should definitely take the time to learn to read the reports and understand what they’re telling you. Sales, marketing, and customer satisfaction reports are all vital to your business. Know that they aren’t just numbers or pie graphs on the screen.

The last mistake that some will make while using a CRM is thinking of it as the ticket to success. A CRM will not fix every error or flaw in your business, that is up to you and whoever else is assisting you in making the final decisions. As I mentioned in the beginning, it will not solve everything and it will not hold your hand through the process. It is simply here to aid you in choosing the direction you would like to head in. As far as technology has come, it’s still not as simple as sitting back and letting a program take over as you rake in the profits. No, there is still plenty of responsibility on your shoulders. There are still a few other mistakes to be made while using a CRM, but these are some of the more common ones. So, work on avoiding these and good luck with your future endeavors.

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