Ensuring technology streamlines your Work Life



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Technology saturates our reality on a regular basis whether we know it or not. The world becomes elated anytime a new discovery is found whether it’s a new tablet, the smart phone that will be obsolete in 6 months or the new feature on the latest car model. If we want to watch our favorite TV show we program our DVR. Even when we get up in the morning to hit the snooze button on an alarm clock set to our favorite mp3 tune. Our home might have Wi-Fi access so we can work on projects from the comfort of our living room. A driver may input an address into his GPS navigation system to find a way to a restaurant. Technology has enhanced our quality of life on many levels which shapes our daily existence. In essence, our lives are inherently intertwined with technology. So if we are dependent on technology so much why are we working longer hours? Shouldn’t all of this software help make our jobs easier just like our personal lives?

The problem lies in how companies utilize technology within their infrastructure. A typical organization will have marketing groups that operate in a complex environment in which they must engage and coordinate a variety of different individuals and participants to be successful. These groups are generally spread across diverse geographies and through layers of central and local marketing departments, internal and external sales teams, outside agency and various channel partners. The needs of these groups are often not aligned and their systems typical are disparate and lack cohesive integration. This type of problem is evident in marketing organizations, especially within financial services firms like independent broker-dealers, FMOs, and MGAs. On one hand you have the need for central marketing organizations to ensure brand integrity and regulatory compliance while at the agent level requires speed, localization, and flexibility. Then you add in messaging across multiple channels of marketing communications, no wonder we spend 10 hours a day in front of a computer. Agents that want to grow are trying to populate a pipeline full of leads, and move them through the process of becoming clients. They need the ability to have a very easy way to put together an email, presentation, traditional printed collateral that is targeted to one person or a thousand prospects.

Marketing organizations that use solutions to improve their marketing and sales performance with cloud based or on-demand software will be ahead of the curve. This allows marketers to deliver communications that comply with corporate objectives, are customized to local needs and effectively move prospects through the awareness to conversion cycle. At some point the line between marketing, sales, and customer services will become blurred. Small to mid-sized business’ need technology that can provide that fully integrated customer relationship management system while at the same time incorporate all levels of external and internal communication. These types of business have managers and workers that wear many hats within the company so having that flexibility is imperative for their organization to thrive in the future.

So the next time you’re sitting in front of the computer wondering how to streamline your business, remember multi-functioning integrated departments are the key to the future. As for myself I have to run. I forgot to program my DVR to the big game, so I need to access my account with my laptop to update that while at the same time listening to Springsteen on my smartphone and talking to a client on my Blackberry. Until next time!

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