Improve profits by utilizing the latest PROS Pricing apps for


By Srini Katta

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Improve Profits By Utilizing The Latest PROS Pricing Apps

About a month ago I was introduced to a new add-on pricing solution for existing Salesforce customers. I saw the immediate benefit that this solution could provide any sales organization that ever experienced any slow-down surrounding price quoting. In particular for any Salesforce customer that is already comfortable with cloud based solutions and is poised for rapid growth, a new solution from PROS Pricing may be just what is needed.

Do you ever feel boxed in when you are not able to quickly respond to your prospect’s price demands? Have you ever lost a deal to the competition because they were first to deliver a price quote that worked for the prospect? At times, you may frustratingly scratch your head desperately trying to provide a price quote to seal the deal.

If you are lucky, you have never experienced these issues. We haven’t been so lucky. And if I was a betting man, I would bet that most small and midsized organizations have lost deals based upon an inability to generate a profitable yet competitive quote in real time. And unfortunately, some who have won deals, have done so at the cost of hurting their bottom line with less than profitable pricing.

Every day, sales organizations spend countless hours with spreadsheets calculating various pricing scenarios in an attempt to put a profitable yet competitive price on opportunities. True, there are pricing tools in the market that take a fraction of a second to provide “price to profit” and “quote to win” prices, but the license, implementation and integration costs are typically very high.

If your company is poised for growth and has revenues north of $100 million, then the wait for an affordable yet effective pricing solution is over.

PROS Pricing has developed Price2Profit (P2P) and Quote2Win apps on the platform of These subscription-based native apps are available in the cloud.

Let me walk you through details of these apps.

Price2Profit is a app that empowers you to manage the target prices, promotions, and sales guidance within the sales cloud.

Using Price2Profit, you align your product strategy (product families/categories) and account strategy (account hierarchies/groups) with pricing strategy.

Business Benefits

  • Develop streamlined and easy to use pricing strategies around thousands of products
  • Maintain price differentials for key accounts vs. one-time customers
  • Empower your regional vice presidents to price products and services based on market segments and geo codes under overall price guidance
  • Meet the cost and competitive dynamics easily by adjusting prices while ensuring profitability
  • Conduct profitable sales promotions using price waves during a promotion campaign
  • Provide customer specific pricing to fit alongside your pricing strategies for different customer segments (volume customers, key accounts, etc.)

Quote2Win gives a power boost to the quoting functionality of As a result,

  • Quote lead-time is reduced
  • Quote confidently by taking the guesswork and nail biting out of quoting
  • Automate the price approval process based on profitability targets and quote quality scores
  • Quickly identify opportunities or quotes and their line items to see if they are leaving a chunk of change on the table and out of focus with company goals
  • Use scoring to measure the quality of opportunities and quotes
  • Make more informed sales decisions with pricing benchmarks and guardrails such as competitor pricing and costs
  • Give price quotes easily in multiple t units of measure (UOM) and in multiple currencies if your company operates in a global and diversified market

Wish you happy and profitable selling while increasing customer satisfaction!  If you are interested in learning more about this solution or scheduling a demo, please contact us today.

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