Part 2: Waste and Recycling - Customer Relationship Management Solutions


By Srini Katta

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Waste and Recycling - Customer Relationship Management Solutions

Prior to developing our own SAP CRM solution to meet the needs of the Waste and Recycling industry, I did a comprehensive study of other available software solutions to meet the demand and nature of this industry.  While I naturally think our homegrown solution is a great one, our philosophy at iServiceGlobe is to offer the best solution for a customer’s unique business processes and needs.  As a result, we never take a cookie cutter approach to our CRM solutions recommendations.  While there are naturally some “best practices” common to every industry, we recognize the subtle differences between every company out there.  That being said, since we offer both of the two most prominent Waste and Recycling CRM solutions out there, hopefully you can trust that my assessment is an unbiased one.     

Microsoft has a partner build solution for the Waste & Recycling industry’s back office operations.  The Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution includes tools to assist with such functions as:

·         Resource management and scheduling

·         Customer management and retention

·         Contract management

·         Business development

To date, I’ve found that SAP provides the most comprehensive and integrated back office and customer facing solution for waste and recycling companies.  SAP CRM provides:

·         Complete functionality to support end-to-end business processes

·         Simplified and unified experience for easy end user adoption

·         Available in both on-premise and on-demand

The solution covers the following end-to-end business processes

·         Account and Contact Management providing a 360 degree view on all accounts,

prospects, customers, etc.

·         Lead to W&R contract

·         ERP (Back office) Quote and Order in CRM interaction center (call center)

·         Service processing

·         Interaction center that provides complete view of an account factsheet that provides

business data overview (account, contacts, service address, container, services), object data overview (service address, container, services, contract and account) and list views for different objects

·         Interaction center provides credit and collections management

·         Waste & Recycling specific multi-channel (phone, email, chat) interaction center

·         Industry specific mobile solutions for service and sales

We’ve got some great examples of customer stories within the Waste and Recycling sector that we can share with you should there be any interest in considering how a CRM solution may assist you with your business processes.  Also, be sure to check out our CRM Knowledge Base where you can find some additional information.

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