Part 4: What’s New for Service in SAP CRM 7.0 EHP1?


By Srini Katta

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What’s New for Service in SAP CRM 7.0 EHP1

Service is one of the strongest offerings of SAP CRM and it just got better with EHP1.

Yesterday we covered the improvements to pricing functionality delivered by EHP1 for SAP CRM 7.0. For today’s blog I want to focus on the enhanced benefits of Service tools in EHP1.

Automatic credit check: The inability to collect service revenue due to customer’s bad credit was once a common issue, as no automatic credit check was available in the prior releases. This issue can now be prevented by enabling the automatic credit check before releasing the service contracts/ orders, complaints and in-house repair order for execution.

Product proposal tree: Product proposals in a tree view with multiple levels of hierarchies are now supported in service contracts/ orders and in-house repairs.

Side by side view of two installed bases: You can now display dual versions of an installed base or two installed bases side by side to compare and easily copy components from one to the other.

Audit trail on an installed base: Display a past version of the installed base at any given instance of time. Track what components changed, were added or deleted from the installed base.

Time recording in service requests: You liked the service requests functionality, but couldn’t migrate from a service ticket to service request because the time recording feature was not available. Now is the time to consider migration, as the functionality is available in service requests with EHP1. Record the actual duration, employee responsible service type and valuation type. The system automatically creates a service confirmation item for each time record entered.

Rule based dispatching: Create a set of business rules to dispatch service orders and complaints using the rule modeler.

Check lists for service requests and orders: The service tasks must be performed in particular sequence while servicing the customers in highly regulated industries such as nuclear energy, medical devices, etc. Your company may want to implement a faster service cycle by using a step by step procedure. You can set up sequential or parallel service processing with a visual graphical flow. Provide check lists, check list processors via rules, work instructions, action processing and make long text available in step details.

Service transactions monitor: A graphical status monitor for service orders and confirmation is available through EHP1. View the status icon with a mouse over. Navigate to the current service order, preceding quotation or follow-up service confirmation.

Multiple addresses on mobile client: This mobile service client is a SAP traditional mobile client and is not based on Sybase unwired platform. This functionality is available for parties involved at the head and item level for service quotation, orders, confirmations, complaints and returns. A new button “Address Proposal” is available to check the available addresses and select the address for the proposed service if multiple addresses exist via a pop-up. The one time address change can be done by right clicking on the address section and selecting “New.”

Prediction of duration and parts: Predict the service parts and service duration based on historical factors such as used service parts, quantity, duration, service products etc.

Warranty claim enhancements: Accept both customer and vendor warranties by validating the warranty claims against the warranty database. Issue the payment to the customer and trigger a claim against the vendor at the same time if there is a vendor claim that is involved. Allow vendors to register the warranties online through self-service portal. Manage the warranty claims if the warranty service is provided by a third party on behalf of OEM. The integration with financials helps in proper posting of credit for settlement with OEM’s.

New OLTP reports and unified templates: Create OLTP reports based on the real-time data using the wizard. The standardized reporting template offers a uniform look and feel across all reporting areas.

If you are interested in learning about how to take advantage of all the new features and functions of SAP Enhancement Pack 1 for SAP CRM 7.0, you can purchase the SAP Online Knowledge Product for your users. Click below for details:

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