Part 5: What’s new for marketing in SAP CRM 7.0 EHP1?


By Srini Katta

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Marketing just got easier with EHP1.

In my last EHP1 blog I covered enhancements to service tools. Today, I want to highlight the various upgrades to the marketing tools within SAP CRM 7.0. Many of the daily and recurring tasks that you were most interested in seeing have been added with EHP1.

Integrated marketing calendar: The first thing you will notice is that the SAP moved away from Java-based UI to Adobe Flex UI. It is very intuitive with advanced searching and functions to create, manage and edit marketing projects and almost could be called as a home page for marketing professionals.

Marketing Funds Management: Use this functionality to set budgets for various marketing and campaigning activities. Switch the funds as necessary. Purchasing settlements and commitments are uploaded to SAP CRM from ERP, giving visibility into any cost over runs. Funds analytics provides a slice and dice of how funds are utilized.

Campaign templates: Creation of campaign templates was a bit of a challenge before EHP1. You can now create templates out of best run campaigns and setup a library of best practices. Use templates directly from the marketing calendar.

Marketing task management: This functionality is similar to the all-too-familiar planned activities management within an opportunity. Setup, assign and execute set of predefined or planned tasks that happen within a campaign life cycle. These tasks could be exchanged using the groupware integration between Outlook, Lotus Notes and SAP CRM.

Digital asset management: Manage all unstructured digital content such as audio, video , graphics, images and desktop formats from Quark and Adobe independent of marketing channel such as TV, print, web and mobile.

Loyalty management: It is now extended to partner channel, point of sale (POS) and web channel. Loyalty management can be used with both organizations and maintains anonymous membership. The loyalty card handling facilitates to increase the membership. The new benefit of voucher tools and more options to redeem the points will help in driving the membership of the program. The new extractors will help in analyzing the loyalty membership data.

Collaborative camping management: This helps your corporate marketing organization in collaborating and aligning the partner channel with marketing channels and goals. The functionality includes an option to embed partner logos and partner sales executive signatures in the campaigning templates and materials. It also allows you to target market programs based on partner channel reach and experience with a particular market segment.

High volume segmentation: There’s one user interface for both classic and high volume segmentation. The segmentation based on accounts, products and marketing prospects (new with EHP1). The object segmenting is enabled in high volume segmentation. In addition, in-memory segmentation is available based on SAP TREX and BW accelerator.

Marketing analytics: The marketing executive dashboard provides insight into lead generation, campaign progress and the sales pipeline generated with reference to particular campaign(s).

If you are interested in learning about how to take advantage of all the new features and functions of SAP Enhancement Pack 1 for SAP CRM 7.0, you can purchase the SAP Online Knowledge Product for your users. Click below for details:

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