Real Estate Agents using Technology to Stand Out from the Crowd



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The other day I had a conversation with a colleague of mine about advertising using traditional media. We talked about how companies are using individuals as walking billboards just to stand out from the rest of the pack. When delivering an effective message it’s obvious that one must choose a topic that is relevant to the audience. But it’s becoming increasingly apparent that one must use a sophisticated medium to reach buyers. Connecting with an audience is especially critical in the real estate industry where people make life altering decisions when choosing a house or even a location for their business.

Although we have the ability to access information at any given time of the day, it seems that people are retaining less information. We spend so much time skimming through information rather than diving deep into a resource. In addition we are bombarded by so many means of advertising whether it’s TV, newspapers, billboards, junk mail, email, social media and many others. With so much advertisement targeting consumers, people tend to shut out most advertising unless it’s something that stands out.  

One key piece of technology that makes the average realtor standout is the tablet. Being that real estate heavily relies on visual aides to promote their product, what better way to do that then with a tablet? Imagine one real estate agent opening up their tablet and can show you his listings right there on the spot. Then you have another realtor who just hands you a business card. Which one of the two would you be more likely to remember?

Even search engines are being redesigned to pull results from a user’s “likes” on Facebook. Social searching has established itself as the next technology wave that companies must jump on the bandwagon. A realtor can gain tremendous value with a social media presence. Not just by creating a page and expecting people to come to the site but by providing their expert advice using social media. When users are searching for information they are looking for experts to guide them in their decision making process. A buyer is more inclined to use a real estate agent that a friend recommends but the chance of getting business is greatly improved if several people in a network recommend that realtor. Then that potential buyer can visit that agent’s blog that provides advice on first time home buying. The next generation of home buyers and future business leaders are growing up in an era where social media is vital part of their existence. In order to thrive in the future the industry must stay ahead of the technology curve.

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