iServiceGlobe CRM solutions will improve the overall effectiveness of your marketing efforts by allowing you to manage and track your core marketing activities. CRM helps bring order to the often disjointed activities of marketing organizations.

Improve Your Marketing Efforts

Email Campaigns: CRM helps you manage email campaigns and utilize the already existing contacts in your CRM system.

Marketing Collateral: By housing your marketing collateral, CRM allows you to exert greater control over your brand. CRM allows easy access to your messaging pieces ensuring everyone is on the same page and has access to the same collateral.

Direct Mail Campaigns: CRM helps you manage direct mail campaigns, allowing you to segment your target markets based on metrics such as geography, industry or company size. Trade Promotions Management: CRM helps you maximize your ability to manage and follow up with all of your trade show efforts. CRM helps bring organization and provide a direct entry point for sales team members to follow up with every contact you meet at a trade show.

Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, etc.): CRM can sync with social media sites to create a clear connection between your marketing activities and social media efforts.