M-Connect M-Connect4.0 is the only SAP Certified cloud app that is designed for customers that are running Office 365 and SAP ERP/CRM/C4C/BUSINESS ONE. It is, without a doubt, the most reliable cloud based synchronization tool on the market. With G-Connect, users can communicate via Office 365 without having to worry about maintaining touch points within SAP apps for visibility and analysis. M-Connect improves the productivity of your employees. Managers get deeper visibility into the touch points made by their team and without the hassle of manual steps or guesswork


M-Connect Value Add The server to server integration between Office 365 and SAP ERP/CRM/C4C/BUSINESS ONE conducts the sync based on the data rules and controls whether user is online or not. There is no need of associating emails or appointments with contacts manually, to synchronize them to SAP CRM or ERP or C4C because it’s already being done for you. All you have to worry about is customer service.


M-Connect could save your company thousands of dollars per user per year simply based on its ability to automatically synchronize contacts, appointments, emails and more. According to statistics, the average user spends about 30 minutes performing manual sync operations between Office 365 and SAP CRM or ERP or C4C that adds up to 100 hours over a period of 40 weeks of work and it could translate into a cost of $5000 if we consider an average cost of $50/hour/user for the company.


Managers will have real time visibility all the way up to the level of engagement of sales and services to executives with prospects and customers as all touch points are automatically synced between Office 365 and SAP. With other Apps, you have unpredictable latency,

as you never know when a user gets time to log in and initiate the manual sync. The worst case could be that the user may not synchronize every touch point or not synchronize for a long period, giving no visibility to supervisors.



Accounts and Contacts  

  • Selectively synchronize your contacts between your Office 365 Contacts and your SAP CRM or ERP or C4C accounts and contacts
  •  Do a mass synchronization with a click of button
  • Safeguard measures prevent the deletion of contacts from SAP ERP/CRM/C4C/BUSINESS ONE even when a contact is deleted from a user’s Office 365 Contacts
  • Use M-Connect dashboard settings to control user permissions for synchronization



  • Bi-directional sync of sent and received emails, including attachments, from Office 365 to SAP
  • A contextual gadget allows one-click manual sync of emails to SAP ERP/CRM/C4C/BUSINESS ONE if an important email is to be synced to SAP CRM/ERP/C4C even if the contact doesn’t exist in SAP CRM or ERP or C4C yet
  • All emails when sent from SAP CRM/ERP/C4C are synchronized to “Sent” folder


Calendar and Tasks

  • Sync new and edit existing appointments between your Office 365 Calendar and your SAP ERP/CRM/C4C/BUSINESS ONE calendar
  • Calendar appointments appear on both the SAP CRM/ERP/C4C calendar and Office 365 calendar of all invitees of the domain users
  • Use M-Connect dashboard settings to control whether an email notification should be sent to an invitee or not when an appointment is synced to Office 365 Calendar from SAP CRM/ERP/C4C



  • Sync contacts from your mobile device to Office 365 Contacts and then to SAP ERP/CRM/C4C/BUSINESS ONE
  • Calendar appointments and emails sent from a mobile device are automatically synced with SAP CRM/ERP/C4C/BUSINESS ONE if the contact exists in Office 365 contacts and SAP


M-Connect’s cloud dashboard

  • M-Confect’s dashboard puts the control of all Calendar, Contact and Email synchronization in the hands of administrators
  • Switch on/off  Calendar, Contact and Email sync
  • Setup Contact and Account sync settings
  • Manage Appointment sync adjusting the notification settings