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Makes access to SAP CRM more mobile than ever before.


My Places: Save your favorite restaurants and coffee shops where you frequently meet your customers. Simply select one of your saved locations from your "My Meetings Places" list whenever you schedule a customer or prospect meeting for lunch or coffee. You can also easily add a new location to your list whenever your customer or prospect makes a suggestion of a restaurant or coffee shop that in not already in your list.

One Click Conference: Use your mobile device to easily schedule a conference call with one of your contacts and have it saved in your Google/MS Exchange calendar

One click visit: With one click from your mobile device, schedule a visit and have it saved in your Google/MS Exchange calendar

Call Notes: Not only will your inbound or outbound call be saved as a call activity in SAP CRM, but also following the conclusion of your call, a notes screen pops up allowing you to enter any details which will be saved as call notes in SAP CRM

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