MOGO Mobile: CRM at your fingertips

mobile CRM
  • Unparalleled integration between your mobile device and SAP CRM
  • Synchronize Leads and Opportunities
  • Synchronize Inbound and Outbound calls
  • Synchronize Calendar and Appointments

mogo mobile

Makes access to SAP CRM more mobile than ever before.

Meeting Places: Add your favorite restaurants and coffee shops to Meeting Places and use them to set up coffee, lunch or dinner meetings

One Click Appointments: Set up conference calls and visits with one click

Call Notes: Easily take notes following the conclusion of a call and save them to the call activity record of SAP CRM

Manage Leads: Change lead or qualification status; Add notes to a lead record; Add products to a lead record

Manage Opportunities: Modify opportunity stage; Add notes to an opportunity record; Add products to an opportunity record

Will work with: apple icon bb icon android icon

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