iServiceGlobe’s CRM solutions will improve the effectiveness of your sales team by helping you organize and track the entire sales process from beginning to end.

CRM solutions

Lead Generation: CRM will help you organize and track your leads so you know when/where and how to follow up with any of your potential customers. CRM can track all forms of communication (phone, email, web, in person) ensuring every member of your sales team is up to date on the latest interactions with your leads.

Prospect: After you convert a lead to a prospect, CRM can help organize all the relevant information to provide customer specific data and information to maximize the chance of a sale. With CRM, your sales team will be able to quickly see where a prospect is in the sales process and assess what information or assistance is needed to close the deal.

Customer/Account: After you complete a sale, CRM can ensure that the handoff to your customer service team is seamless. Furthermore, by serving as a hub for all customer related data, CRM can assist in future selling opportunities.