Social and Sales Solutions

Leverage your social network to increase sales

Our team has developed a set of social media solutions to help organizations use their CRM applications to translate their social networks into sales. Whether you use the iServiceGlobe developed MogoCRM or want to expand your existing CRM application to leverage social media contacts, our team of developers can help you translate your social network into real sales.


Sales Tips

sales and social Tips

Utilizing MogoCRM, a user can see “Sales Tips” based on who the user may know or who the user’s colleagues worked with in the past at the prospect company. “Sales Tips,” also provides users with notices about ongoing discounts or promotions around a product or services, to help sales executives make informed decisions throughout the entire sales process.

Social Tips

sales and social Tips

MogoCRM’s proprietary “Social Tips” highlights a user’s LinkedIn degree of connection with a contact in a lead or an opportunity. It suggests connections that user’s have with individuals who have a first-degree connection to a contact in a lead or an opportunity.