Suspect Apps

SAP CRM SFA APPS- Suspect Lead

You met a suspect who expressed some interest in your products and services at a tradeshow.  You are not sure if this is a real prospect so you don’t necessarily want to take the time and add this individual in as a contact and account in CRM.   No problem!  

This app allows you to create a lead without creating a prospect and contact record upfront.  The prospect name, address, contact name, email ids and phone # are all saved as part of the lead record.  Users can now search the prospect (suspect) and its contact in the account search without the record being created in the system.  Moreover, the app automatically creates an account and the corresponding contact records in SAP CRM when the Suspect (Lead) qualification becomes “Hot”.  

Problem solved: 

Eliminates the ton of junk master data in your SAP CRM system