Deploy G-Connect and Save Up to $5000/Yr./Sales Executive

According to statistics, the average sales executive spends about 30 minutes performing manual sync operations between Google Workspace. SAP CRM/HANA/ C4C /Business One adds up to 100 hours over 40 weeks of work. It could translate into a cost of $5000 if at an average cost of $50/hour/user for the company.


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Does Your Business run SAP Apps and Google Workspace for Calendar and Emails?
Is your sales team frustrated by data islands in SAP and Google?
Do you like watching sales unfold in real-time as a sales manager?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, then Use G-Connect to auto-sync data between SAP and Google Apps.
G-Connect is the only SAP Certified cloud app designed for customers running Google Workspace and SAP CRM or ERP or C4C or Business One. With G-Connect, Sales data syncs automatically in real-time, so you can see the sales unfold in real-time. Increase productivity by cutting down on time spent on data entry.

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Google Apps and SAP Integration

Get The Most Out Of Your
IT Investments!

iServiceGlobe helps customers get the most out of their existing IT investment by seamlessly integrating your tech such as SAP Apps, Google Workspace, AWS, and Google Cloud Platforms, to solve business challenges and increase growth. ​We present G-Connect, a cloud solution to sync Calendar, Contacts, Email, and Tasks from Google Workspace, and SAP Apps such as SAP CRM, SAP C4C, SAP Business One and SAP ERP.


Do Your company use Microsoft 365® and not Google Workspace with SAP Apps?

No worries! M-Connect covers you by providing bi-directional data sync between Microsoft 365 and SAP.

Advantages of G-Connect

Managers have real-time visibility of sales and service executives’ engagement with prospects and customers as all touchpoints are automatically synced between Google Workspace and SAP Apps. With other sync tools, you have unpredictable latency, as you never know when a user gets time to log in and initiate the manual sync. The worst-case could be that the user may not synchronize every touchpoint or not synchronize for an extended period, giving no visibility to supervisors.

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Good ease of use

G-Connect is an amazing product that allows you to extend the functionality of SAP CRM to Google Apps. The team is excellent, providing great customer support and amazing integration. This product has saved me so much time, and I couldn't be more pleased with their service!
Jaime Garcia
All Inclusive Collections

Easy to use and simple implementation

G-Connect is easy to use, simple to implement, and a great way to extend the functionality of SAP CRM with Google Apps. The team at iServiceGlobe offers great service and customer support. Overall, the product is effective and user-friendly.
Gustavo Gil Bermúdez

Improved Sales Team Productivity

G-Connect has saved sales users time and improved productivity. G-Connect has saved sales users time and improved productivity by allowing them to leverage Google Apps to communicate while updating their touch points within SAP CRM for visibility and analysis.
Dave Anderson
Konica Minolta
We partnered with iServiceGlobe for our upgrade from SAP CRM 4.0 to 7.0. They conducted upgrade workshops, tailored the project to our specific business needs, and guided us in defining the project scope.
Tim Birnley
Director, Enterprise Applications
We leveraged iServiceGlobe's expertise for our CRM 2007 upgrade in Service and Sales. Their flexibility, diligence, and excellent leadership helped us effectively manage our budget and timeline.
Dan Snider
VP Business Systems
I highly recommend this excellent product to any company having to make switch from outlook to gmail. The bidirectional sync of calendar, emails, accounts and contacts work great.
Dino Lufrano
Thomas Bettss